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Father buried alive paternity reasons to explore c

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PostPosted: Tue 14:44, 21 Jan 2014    Post subject: Father buried alive paternity reasons to explore c

's father Li Guolong Bai Fen Zheng had said, not intended to be a fifth child. However, Zheng Bai Fen tried to retain live unborn child. When Liyuan Zhao was born, Li Guolong not at home, coupled with Zheng Bai Fen strongly asylum 李元兆 only escaped the fate of being abandoned. While here on earth, but Lee's environment is not warm. Since Li Guolong Zheng Bai Fen discord, tension, domestic violence often occur. Zheng Bai Fen Ti from her husband, the complaint continued. "Since I married into his home after he had gone by, several children from food and clothing to the school, all my a race to make money, raise them, and I used to do carpentry house old groom often not at home , earning it never took me and a few Xiaowa. Sometimes he did not come home, come home have to be debt finally no way, for my money, he's still! 'quarrel and even hands-on, This home is commonplace. 59-year-old Zheng Bai Fen clearly remember her last husband was wounded, is the second small lunar granddaughter born after August seventh day (about 12 years ago). Day,[url=][/url], because the family quarrel triggered repair house thing, Li Guolong hard to beat her with a large stick, showed their curse: "! Father someday wanted to hit you, be careful to put your foot pole interrupting me out," Zheng Bai Fen beaten one bruising, was taken to hospitals several children, lived for several days. Liyuan Zhao was in this environment to grow up. Liyuan Zhao 10 years old, ready to ascend to the fifth grade when, suddenly dropped out of school. He and his classmates to fight, his father rebuked him "good book to read, and also a fight, raising a group of Japanese pustule,[url=]parajumpers online shop[/url]," and as a pretext allowed him to go to school. But he was not the only dropout five siblings - except him, only a fourth-grade sister read the rest of the children either did not read, or to drop out of school early. After dropping out of school, 李元兆 would stay at home to help his mother farming. Huize his home in the mountains on top, cold, dry, ripe crops a year, is the most species of corn and potatoes. Although the family has 5 acres of land, but received only one year of corn about 2,000 pounds, which makes a person's life stretched 7. Liyuan Zhao 15 years old, the village was to go to the old tin work, and he also offered to the outside world along with the adults to try again. Bai Fen Zheng He worried little age, thin body, did not agree. But he could not help but repeatedly begged eventually allowed. In the old, tin miner's wages are relatively high.李元兆 ​​in old mine working more than four months later, back home Huize trip, bringing home 500 yuan during the period she saved money to work. He also married two sisters called home, ate a reunion dinner. Zheng Bai Fen saw little son home safely, but also made money, but also put the heart. But she still felt Liyuan Zhao age is too small, not suitable for work. In order to retain the younger son, and Liyuan Zhao Zheng Bai Fen discuss home replant tobacco, as long as the diligent few, try to ensure that watering down season species can also have two or three thousand of income. After three years, Liyuan Zhao continued farming with his mother at home. However,[url=]air jordan pas cher[/url], the types of flue-cured tobacco season requires more than seven months, although revenue than grow potatoes and corn, but still less than the wage. At 18, Liyuan Zhao proposed to his mother to go to work again. Bai Fen Zheng did not oppose this, but said: "You take the pain out of money, at home farming does not earn much." Married 18-year-old Liyuan Zhao and Zhang Lin Tsui married. Because marriage parties not based on feelings, quarrels, fights frequently staged. Liyuan Zhao 18 years old, has also completed a major event in life: marriage. By matchmakers, Liyuan Zhao met near the village girl Zhang Lin Tsui. After the second meeting, Zhang Lin Tsui to 李元兆 home to help grow corn. Three days later, they will determine the relationship. But then none of the parties to the legal age of marriage,[url=]canada goose outlet[/url], they have not receive a marriage certificate. Zheng Bai Fen memories, not when Liyuan Zhao marriage feast, but with Zhang Lin Tsui near the street to buy clothes, then the woman and went back home, even if things settle down. But Zhang Lin Tsui's mother regarding her daughter to marry Liyuan Zhao quite opinion that his home had just agreed to go girl corn, did not think that had brought the son back. Since both parties before marriage not based on feelings, Liyuan Zhao married life as his family, quarrels, fights frequently staged. Zhang Lin Tsui's mother said that after two months of marriage, Zhang Lin Chui found 李元兆 and too close to other women, for once quarreled. Since then, Liyuan Zhao with pregnant wife and brother,[url=][/url], Yisow, working together to Kunming Yiliang County. Unexpectedly, when the two men arguing in Yiliang fight again next year when the Spring Festival, Zhang Lin Chui is with injured hand back home. Two people saying different, Cui and Zhang Lian Li Yuanzhao each other on "derailed." Zheng Bai Fen five children, the eldest son made a home in Yiliang son and two daughters have married, the responsibility falls on the maintenance of the elderly 李元兆 and his brother's body. Unfortunately, in 2006, 李元兆's brother was killed in a car accident in Yiliang, then Yisow remarried, 李元兆 also with his wife and children back home Huize. Although there are two sisters, but life is still difficult. A sister 李元兆 very difficult Li Meihua suffering from rheumatoid arthritis,[url=]canada goose sale[/url], swelling of the body,[url=]air jordan pas cher[/url], activities. In order to cure her, the family saddled with more than 40,000 yuan debt. Another sister of the economic conditions are not optimistic. In recent years, the pressure borne by 李元兆 a whole people, a man who wants to feed his brother left behind two children, their two children and their parents. Although much heavier burden than before, but 李元兆 brother's care for two children plus. Just Liyuan Zhao home, they want to bring back a class of many biscuits, instant noodles and snack foods. New Year, he also did not forget to buy a new set of clothes for each child. His mother advised him to "a child can wear the rest of the big kids clothes, do not buy a person," but he insisted that, should a new set of clothes per person. Because "kids like the new stuff." Confirm the situation changed after his wife had an affair, Liyuan Zhao depression, often alone,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], drink alone. Zheng Bai 芬察 son sleep through the abnormal emotions. 2006 back home soon, Zhao began to be built on the highway 李元兆 opposite hillside. In order to improve their lives at home, make more money, 李元兆 on the road to the site to find a job. Although it looks close to home, but because of the high mountains and steep slopes, home to two thirty kilometers from the site, so Liyuan Zhao does not often come home. In the meantime, his emotional problems again. Who found the problem, it is the mother of Liyuan Zhao Zheng Bai Fen. Wavelet day 李元兆 second son was born a few months later, Zhang Lin Chui back home for the funeral. Since Liyuan Zhao couple live in houses unguarded evening, Zheng Bai Fen lived in their bedroom. 21:00 o'clock, Zheng Bai Fen suddenly heard someone knocking at the door, knocked on the door of a man, while knocking shouted "open the door, open the door," Zheng Bai Fen asked: "What are you " Opens the door. But she only saw a shadow quickly ran away. Close the door, Zheng Bai Fen doubting. Three days later, Zheng Bai Fen daughter back home to talk about this matter, and asked: "Komidori, the grid is your honest and upright ." Cui and Zhang Lian back to her sentence: " Ah, ah what the nerve to say," Zheng Bai Fen heard that, it is felt daughter out of the question. Later, Bai Fen Zheng Liyuan Zhao told the matter and explain Liyuan Zhao "to take with wife said, do not fight, do not trouble." A few days later, Liyuan Zhao told her that his wife was having an affair indeed, and others. But having an affair and who, Bai Fen Zheng did not ask. Because Zhang Lin Chui has not hit the marriage certificate with Liyuan Zhao Zheng Bai Fen feel that is not relieved wife and son live. After confirming that his wife had an affair, 李元兆 mood has been low, often alone, drink alone. And this in the same village, neighboring villages are spread. Some people even said: "With his wife and two sons, he (Liyuan Zhao) at work, he was not at home when a child,[url=][/url], the child in the end is not his,[url=]canada goose outlet[/url], only his wife was to say where." Often unhappy to see his son, Zheng Bai Fen on persuasion:. "If you really do not come together on separate it," but 李元兆 not agree: "There are two children, not divided as to be separated, even children have dispersed, into one. home is not easy. "February 2010, Liyuan Zhao went to Shanghai to work, Zhang Lin Chui also asked to go with him, saying that he stay at home," spat wrong and more. " To Shanghai after the couple live together. Liyuan Zhao site fooled welders, and Zhang Lin Tsui went to the countryside to help local ethnic ground. But by the 2011 Spring Festival, Liyuan Zhao was alone back home. Liyuan Zhao told Zheng Bai Fen, one day in September 2010, Zhang Lin Tsui ride out, and then it never came back, and later asked to go before her boss had also borrowed a few hundred dollars. Zheng Bai Fen one, think this is Zhang Lin Chui deliberately go. Zhang Lin Tsui maiden who has to find Liyuan Zhao asked, the answer is "Zhang Lin Tsui himself ran away." So far, Zhang Lin Chui Deng elect Jane's mother and sister have insisted Zhanglian Xiang, Zhang Lin Cui and her family went to Shanghai after the cut off contact. "If you want to leave Liyuan Zhao, she could not contact her family and his own, but now almost a year, is the audio did not." Selected Works of Deng Jane said she had sent to ask County Public Security Bureau police station and handed over about their daughter's disappearance materials. But the road Township police officer Lee told reporters that at present do not grasp the situation Zhang Lin Tsui, nor his family had not received the material submitted. October 20, 2011,[url=]abercrombie[/url], 李元兆 back home after finishing her grandmother's funeral, after taking into account four children after school have to spend a lot of money, he wanted to take advantage of the children were small, the repair of a new house. There were only a few thousand dollars savings he looked for relatives to borrow money, sister Li Mei took home 20,000 yuan loan to credit unions, lent 李元兆. In early 2012, 李元兆 new house - a building with four brick house has been basically completed, the installation of doors and windows, but the walls,[url=][/url], the floor has not been processed. According to plan, the new house will be completed in March. Some exterior wall tiles have been laid shipped, also wrote the words above, there is "good home". However, the new home is really nice Zheng Bai Fen son has noticed an abnormal mood. He often depressed, but she believes that this is because building a house "too hard", does not think much. Killing the child 李元兆 wavelet ridge down in the soil outside the kitchen, and then picked up a large stone,[url=]hollister deutschland[/url], straining toward wavelet hit go. Inner contradictions and conflicts, and finally in March 9th day of the outbreak. That morning, Zheng Bai Fen with four children live in their own old house. 8:00 am wake her eleven children, 8:30 later, four children eating fried rice oil, they bounce toward elementary school a few kilometers away. 12-year-old sister Xiaoqin memories, to the school, she and her classmates Tiaopi Jin, while the 10-year-old Xiaotao, 9-year-old super-six-year-old will each play each wavelet. 11:00, the beginning of class. After Liyuan Zhao day to get up to the toilet walls of houses painted gray sand. 15:00 more, he returned to the kitchen and began to eat fried potatoes. He was eating potato, side drinking a bottle of beer. Soon, four children returned home from school. "The teacher did not tell you to write " Not required by the teacher's homework before Liyuan Zhao 6-year-old second son wavelet,[url=][/url], Liyuan Zhao specifically asked him. "No." Wavelet answer. Liyuan Zhao heard furious, raising his hand hit wavelet. Not wanting to see his son a lesson grandson, Zheng Bai Fen out of the kitchen. Soon, Zheng Bai Fen astonished that she saw the scene: 李元兆 wavelet ridge down in the soil outside the kitchen, and then picked up a large stone, straining toward wavelet hit, just a stone hit his head on the wavelets. After wavelet cried, struggling for a while, there is no movement. See their children face with blood, rushed out of the kitchen scene in front of family members were aghast. Heard in the vicinity of the village came to work, pick up the wavelet, Liyuan Zhao persuade children to the hospital. But Liyuan Zhao just glanced at the dying son, he is no longer ignored. "Playing dolls can not play like that, you want to quickly bring the look!" Zheng Bai Fen also persuade,[url=][/url], but Liyuan Zhao remained unmoved. Later, Liyuan Zhao saw children dying, told Zheng Bai Fen said:. "Mom, I was wildfire green, not too little doll now angry" after Liyuan Zhao Zheng Bai Fen took home on a nearby hillside, digging a pit, ready to had "breathe" Wavelet buried. 6-year-old lying on wavelet hillside covered with weeds,[url=]mulberry outlet[/url], Liyuan Zhao noted that the wavelet slight twitch of a finger move, so he waited in the wavelet side until wavelet hands no longer move, and only then put into a pit wavelet with the buried soil and the soil real step. After Liyuan Zhao home, told the whole family: "Which say, just go with the wavelet!" Then he calmly went to work it. March 11, Liyuan Zhao's father Li Guolong to road police station. The same day, Liyuan Zhao was arrested at home. "Wavelet think should be dead, I'll bury him, but also hard on their feet stepped on the soil several times. It's not too troublesome, he was thinking about going to die anyway, rather than let him go to the hospital the road to die, might as well let him die at home. "detention centers in Liyuan Zhao to reporters, and looked calm. After the incident,[url=][/url], three children are reluctant to mention what happened that day. Whoever is asked about this, the kids are all was silent. Until then we have to get along for a few days in a row and the children, the children just relax frayed nerves. Xiaoqin 12-year-old said: "In the past small dad (Liyuan Zhao) treated me well, often buy candy for us to eat, but he killed his brother ...... I still hate him." And after 李元兆 was arrested on Zheng Bai Fen her husband Li Guolong resentment peaked. "If he had not said,[url=]hollister france[/url], Liyuan Zhao would not be caught. If he was to come back, I want him desperately!" Today, thanks to this house 59 years, Zheng Bai Fen alone support. The son Liyuan Zhao Li Guolong fear, alarm until now, had never come back home. End "the law is relentless, but the elderly and children need help society." Liyuan Zhao behind bars, new home construction was forced to stop work at home. When the police brought him home to identify the scene, he saw the three children and their mother. The children saw him, are silent. Before leaving, 李元兆 Bai Fen Zheng said: "The first house renovated and then sold the house and motorcycles, is also out of the loan account owed so much, does not lose.." Then he escorted the police car. His home can be used to describe the four walls. Old house hillside, the house is actually on the back wall of the mountain bare rock. In addition to a kitchen stove and a few pots and pans, but do not see much more. In the new room, the most valuable is a two-cylinder washing machine. As the only strong labor at home, he was arrested, to the family brought great difficulties. Huize County Public Security Bureau police station to see the actual difficulties Lee road after the family reported the coordination of Civil Affairs goalkeeper as low households, receive subsidies. Police all police and three children became the object of long-term aid, donations. May 3,[url=]canada goose sale[/url], Huize Committee Propaganda Department, County Civilization,[url=][/url], County Court, County Prosecutor's Office and other 16 units of personnel, condolences Cheng Bai Fen and three children. 5.9 million in donations and sent rice, oil, blankets, clothes, stationery and school supplies and other life. Police station, after the incident, the Foundation had engaged in Save the Children staff contact the police, expressed the hope that the child received the Beijing life and education. Bai Fen Zheng told the news to the kids, but the three children said in unison "do not want to go" - because they could not bear her grandmother. "李元兆 act contrary to law and morality, to the family and the difficulties caused by the tragedy, the court will make a decision on his law. Law is relentless, but the elderly and children need to help the community, if necessary, the courts would have been concerned about this family. "Huize court staff said. (Reporter Cheng right)

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