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University teacher jailed for seven years strayed

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PostPosted: Sun 3:50, 19 Jan 2014    Post subject: University teacher jailed for seven years strayed

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Early May 2011, because of Hefei wind tight, he took some people came to Jiaxing . Until then, Zhan Feng still illusions. "I do not want to give up, trying to direct the organization into a legitimate organization." To Jiaxing, the Cham maple continue to do their own "wealth dream", "At the time we thought, as long as the direct selling license to get our bodies on illegal. "Soon, Jiaxing police also eyeing the whereabouts quite mysterious gang. July 6, 2011, Jiaxing police mobilized more than a thousand police officers, consisting of 131 action group, destroyed more than 140 dens of this organization, and arrested more than 750 marketing agents seized more than 70 million stolen money to Cham maple headed 34 MLM is the backbone of the law under criminal detention. He wrote to his "epitaph": I am dying remorse "This is not a place with a soul, but a sin of my death is not a disease, aging, or an accident, I was dying remorse.." In On May 25 of this year's trial, Zhan Feng read his "epitaph." August 21,[url=]hollister[/url],[url=][/url], Southlake court case verdicts. The court held that the defendant, together with others Zhan Feng organization, leadership pyramid schemes, organization, leadership marketing staff 1843 people, MLM amount of nearly billion, nearly 10 million in illegal profits, his behavior constituted organization, leadership pyramid schemes crime, sentenced Zhan Feng seven years in prison and fined 500,000 yuan. After the judgment, Zhan Feng abandoned. Newspaper correspondent Li Huawei king Fangding Cheng newspaper reporter in Jiaxing Huang Na

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