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Well-known liquor brands have been repeatedly coun

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PostPosted: Tue 12:35, 18 Feb 2014    Post subject: Well-known liquor brands have been repeatedly coun

 Metropolis Hubei Daily Reporter newspaper reporter Chai Jing Xiong Yu Shen degree Editor's note: the province is a big grain Province, a major agricultural province, but also the wine province: rice flower, Zhijiang consecutive years ranked among the top ten wine, strong licensing Limited National health wine industry is thriving. As wine province, the province's brand marketing of wines,[url=]collana tiffany[/url], drew praise sound. But on the other hand, the province is also a well-known liquor brands often been "Pong." An industry source,[url=][/url], after the brand was Pong will bring incalculable loss of business and the state. "Industry first, the entrepreneur boss." Activist provincial government for the wine prices, wine prices have also launched a strike near the counterattack brand. A "powerful" word two products in March 2009, the southern Jingdezhen, a few humble little shop, "powerful" word impressively in the head. The "Chinese fresh wine," wine and women, bottles,[url=]bracciali tiffany[/url], decor, and people familiar with the Chinese Jin wine is very similar, except that a "powerful" word, somewhat ashamed of the wretched,[url=]abercrombie firenze[/url], the less that of a tall upright, also missing the kind of penetrating, tolerance. Carefully distinguish, you will also find in this strange "powerful" words below, no manufacturers appear. Manufacturers do Sign in the back of the crowded small print in only to find the words "Wine Co., Ltd. Guangxi fresh wine." Do not underestimate hiding in the small print of the merchants. A month later, this strange "powerful" word even in big Wuhan popular. Subsequently, the country's 11 provinces, a total of 56 ground-level market, or investment, or promotional, is this fake "powerful" word upsets burgeoned. This is typical near the famous! According to reports, "Jin" brand licensing Jin Co.,[url=][/url], 2000 was included in the "national priority list of trademark protection," according to the law in 2003 was recognized as "China Famous Brand." In 2007, China Jin wine was named "Chinese famous brand" products. The face of flagrant violations, Ltd. Jin brand while collecting evidence, while complaints to law. An investigation found that the so-called "fresh wine Wine Co., Ltd. Guangxi", neither its own production base, nor the establishment of product management and control systems, production and processing of all commissioned, if allowed to spread, not only seriously affect the strength of the brand, Ltd. product reputation, but inevitably endanger people's health. Government action strike hard "Li Gui," by Daye city government, municipal government and the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau Yellowstone, pooling information quickly to the provincial government. May 24 this year, the provincial government intends to deal with the two views: a letter to the provincial government on behalf of SAIC, according to activists to help Jin card company; please provincial Trade and Industry Bureau and the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office communication and coordination, when necessary, please government leaders to Beijing for consultations with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The morning of June 7, SAIC, 12th Floor Conference Room. SAIC Party Secretary Zhou Bohua, deputy party secretary, Liu Yuting, Deputy Secretary General and Chief of Staff, the Secretary and other trademarks in full here. Hubei aspects, led by the Vice Governor Zhang Tong, the provincial Trade and Industry Secretary Liu Yuan Chao, deputy mayor of Huangshi 罗光辉 attended. Zhang Tong outset: by the Governor Li Hongzhong, vice governor Li Xiansheng commissioned on strong card, Ltd. "powerful" brand trademark infringement issues to the General Administration of communication,[url=]hogan rebel uomo[/url], I hope General attention. Liu Yuan Chao detailed report on the incident to the General Administration of leadership and demonstrates the provincial bureau of ideas and requests. Mr. Zhou frank statement: Administration attaches great importance to this case, a second in command personally studying the case, exactly the same views and Hubei aspects; just waiting for the completion of the necessary procedures, must quickly deal. July 19, the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office official wording, issued "on the protection of" fresh wine "registered trademark and other notifications." Clear notice requirements, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration for Industry and fresh wine Wine Co. instructed to immediately stop using the "Jin STRONGBODY and" trademark on alcoholic beverages goods,[url=][/url], fresh wine by the Wine Co.,[url=][/url], Ltd. Guangxi recovered in circulation on the market-related products, to handle,[url=]abercrombie e fitch[/url], the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration for Industry and urge rectification law. Meanwhile Yan Shen: Since January 1, 2011, for fresh wine Wine Co., Ltd. Guangxi alleged trademark infringement "powerful" brand products, shall be punished according to law. A major infringement menacing, and finally settled. Brand wine was "Pong" expect legislation to be near Hubei wines, not just strong brand Ltd. "China Jin wine." Recently,[url=][/url], Zhijiang wine received SAIC Trademark Review and Adjudication Board's objection to review ruling,[url=]anello tiffany[/url], ruled that "big river animal husbandry" trademark shall not be approved for registration. The decision to wait for the paper,[url=][/url], Zhijiang wine persistent efforts of seven years. According to reports, in September 2002, a winery Suizhou SAIC Trademark Office to apply for registration a "Mu Jiang big" trademark combination of text and graphics,[url=]hogan bambino[/url], if just from the shape of the mark, the pronunciation of view, "Mu Jiang big" and registered trademarks of Axton Co., Ltd. "Zhijiang Daqu" with obvious differences. Therefore, June 14,[url=][/url], 2003 of the trademark by the Trademark Office preliminarily approved and published. However, the "big river, animal husbandry," the applicant trademark in actual use by the font deformation processing "Mu Jiang Okuma" words and "Zhijiang Daqu" very similar, seriously mislead consumers, against the interests of Zhijiang Wine . Intellectual Property Office of the combined evidence Zhijiang Wine junior college student collected promptly raised an objection to the application and Trademark Office. After several years of waiting, in December 2007, the Trademark Office to "Mu Jiang big" trademark and "Zhijiang" and "Zhijiang Daqu" trademark does not constitute approximately reason, decided that the opposition is not established grounds Zhijiang wine. But did not give up Zhijiang Wine, January 7,[url=]orecchini tiffany[/url], 2008, the company filed a timely review of the SAIC Trademark Review and Adjudication Board in accordance with prescribed procedures. This year, Zhijiang Wine finally received the judges on "Mu Jiang big" approved the registration of a trademark shall not be ruled successfully defended their rights. There are similar infringement: Last year, the Guangzhou authorities take away a processing Daohuaxiang treasures II of counterfeiting dens. The investigation,[url=][/url], those who make purchases with rice flower treasures II is very similar bottle, wine cover, packaging, production,[url=]felpe abercrombie[/url], "Rice dragon incense" Treasures II, wine packaging on the counterfeit "rice", "sweet", like the word font and "Dragon" character glyphs and "flower" word similar. If you are not careful to distinguish; Wuhan market had "Huang dream wine", modeled on its product packaging is completely finished Dragon Yellow Crane Company; Shandong, a liquor company deliberately ride "Daohuaxiang" bandwagon, registered "jujube flower" liquor mark this year was the decision to withdraw,[url=]hogan online[/url], and so on. Related parties,[url=]scarpe hogan uomo[/url], alcoholic products is a special commodity, its production and operations related to the state's financial, related to food safety and human health related to social harmony, need law, violators are prosecuted. The insiders,[url=]hogan junior[/url], "There is need to adopt specific legislation to explicitly access mechanism, out of some small production scale, low degree of automation, labor-intensive, high food consumption and production process behind the small wineries, small workshops to This to regulate the healthy development of the liquor industry. "

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