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CCTV reporter extortion gang posing as 24 million

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PostPosted: Fri 13:50, 17 Jan 2014    Post subject: CCTV reporter extortion gang posing as 24 million

's "Focus" column, "Society and Law" a lot of channels, such as exposure units and individual violations, resulting in the relevant units and individuals subject to severe legal sanctions, CCTV reporter has become a hero of the masses in mind, justice incarnation. But Unexpectedly, there are unscrupulous persons from actually find opportunities. If this case, the parties spared no expense for his "Painted Skin", posing as CCTV reporter to the threat of exposure, the implementation of extortion, even often successful within a few months time, involving up to 24 million yuan. Is a means liar too bright, or the victim's own "There weakness" One of the problems people to ponder. September 2013, Sichuan Pengshan County People's Court held a public hearing of the Soviet lock mountain, with Wu Chun Lian Xing Long Zhou and cloud extortion and fraud. So far, the four fled in Shanxi, Hebei, Sichuan, or exposure to the rights of victims "wrongdoing" threatening, thereby obtaining money by false reporters brought to justice. A village to a "great reporter" despicable deeds arouses doubt Lotus Village is Wrangler Pengshan County town in a small village, close to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport location Shuangliu County. April 6, 2013 in the afternoon, a tea shop store owner Lianhua uncle went to the village party secretary Jiang Qing Ming full house and said:. "My shop came up on the three 'big Reporter', you come look at the" whole Jiang Ming came to tea Shop,[url=]air jordan[/url],[url=][/url], saw a man carrying a marked "China Central Television," and "CCTV" marked cameras are cameras, two other men are also being next to busy. Jiang Ming indicate identity all in and asked: " You are doing" carry the camera man said: "We are CCTV staff intend to do an interview with a land acquisition and resettlement areas,[url=]hollister[/url], wait to go to your office." Then, carry cameras The men around the village, said: "Do you have any problems in terms of land acquisition and resettlement say so, we give you a pat down, help you appeal." Villagers Yangxue Fang felt very strange, because the village's land requisition no problem, he mumbled: "There is wisdom problem yo, here we are on a regular program of compensation." Later, Jiang Ming whole that this trio called Su Lock Hill, Wu Dong Xuan and Zhou and clouds, the former two are "CCTV reporter," Zhou and cloud is "Chinese law enforcement monitoring network in Western Station reporter. " Three brothers carrying a video camera in the village Cui doorstep, shooting trees, farmland, Cui brother to the camera to talk about some of the issues of compensation. In the evening, Su Wu duo returned to the county,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], "talk about things" on the phone about the leadership of the town Wrangler, a restaurant in the county. Sue Lock Hill told town leaders: "We understand through interviews, Cui brothers reflect the real problem is not completely, but some people also put forward different views, learn to wait until after the land department, if there is no problem on this end the interview; But this time to Pengshan interview, Ching Ming holidays without a break, the cost of round-trip airfare and accommodation costs are also relatively large. "" We had heard a 'CCTV reporters' want money. "Wrangler town government staff Wei recalls. The next day, the Soviet Union, the two met with the leadership of Miss Wrangler town. In the tea room, two "reporters" explicitly proposed to 60,000 yuan, or to be "exposed." Town leaders immediately objected, Wei worry false reports may affect the government's image, he and a colleague Wei-of-pocket by individuals to scrape together 10,000 yuan Su Wu duo, as their "hard money." Li Wei said: "The two 'reporters' blatant money, it is not like the CCTV reporter." So they reported the matter to Pengshan County Public Security Bureau. 2 informed the villagers invited for referrals expensive "big reporters" the public security organs summoned the parties. So look carefully at the police lock Hill, Wu Chun and weeks and reporters with certified cloud trio held to determine the three-line fake reporters. Three eventually confessed posing as "reporters" to the facts of the crime of extortion Pengshan County. Let's talk about things from the week and clouds. Zhou and clouds, Shuangliu County farmers, who are working in Shuangliu County Agricultural than 4 years, worked as a primary school teacher for six years, from 1997 began working in three newspapers of Sichuan Province, in 2010 after the "Chinese law enforcement and supervision network" (fake websites have been investigated) engage in "business." The first half of 2011, Lianhua's Choi find that the media reflect the demolition issue, but the fact that after the media understand that compliance with the law, are not reported. Later, Choi met a week by Lai and clouds. August 2011, Choi Yun-week and found the unit "Sichuan China Legal News Channel", reflecting their low relocation compensation where land issues. Week and promised to investigate the cloud, and his business card and phone number to the Choi. In December 2012, weeks and cloud forged "Chinese law enforcement supervision network" Reporters card. January 2013, when the cloud stayed Inns week and use the mobile Internet in Beijing, at a place called "China Legal Research Center Web site" to see the "Legal Research Center,[url=][/url], deputy director of China" Su lock mountain's name, title, phone number. The next day, week, and cloud and Sue Hill lock an appointment. Please Su Zhou and clouds made the mountain to help organize a lock "Global News newspaper," the correspondent card, Sue Hill proposed to close the lock 20,000 yuan, Zhou and cloud considered too expensive, did not agree. Zhou and cloud and casually asked about the Soviet Union locked Hill do a reporter website how much money, Sue Lock Hill, said:. "500,000 yuan," "I did think Sue Lock Hill do not fly, is a liar, and said, and CCTV very good relationship, I think it hanging , not like a reporter. "Later, Zhou and clouds in the trial says. March 2013, Cui brothers find week and asked to help solve the demolition of the cloud side of things. Zhou and cloud, said: "I can help you go to CCTV reporter, so you can use public opinion to urge local governments can better solve the problem." Cui brother asked: "How much " Zhou and cloud replied: "30,000 yuan and reimbursement of ticket money 10,000 yuan. "Cui brothers agreed, and promised reporters if coordinate land resettlement issues, give-week and Cloud" hard money "10,000 yuan. After weeks and cloud contact Sue lock mountain, saying 30,000 have been on a good price, when things can get 10,000 yuan a person. Sue Lock Hill agrees with Wu and later linked to the spring. After weeks and cloud Cui received advance payment of 10,[url=]hollister outlet[/url],000 yuan brothers car travel by bank transfer 5,000 yuan to lock Su Shan. The morning of April 3,[url=]hollister sale[/url], after the Soviet Union with the lock and Wu Chun Shan Cui brother and meet immediately to discuss the issue demanded 30,000 yuan reward. Choi asked: "This is the unit cost of personal income received or if it is necessary to fight the unit received an invoice, receipt of personal income going to play ." After serious negotiations,[url=]canada goose outlet[/url], Cui brothers gave the Soviet Union, two 25,000 yuan Wu, Please They help make the government more than compensated, "Director Wu" issued receipts called CD production costs. Plus weeks in advance and paid to the cloud ticket money, Cui brothers paid a total of 35,000 yuan. Subsequently, "the reporters" began bumbling "work." 3 layers of packaging as "mind" trick repeatedly cast succeed Su Shan and Wu with spring lock, and how the characters This year 45-year-old Su lock mountain, Hebei Province Lingshou farmers, high school graduation, military service, in Shijiazhuang, played four years of a bank worker, did the clothing business, he thought he was a naive person. From 2008 to 2009,[url=]hollister deutschland[/url], he was in the "Chinese reporters World Magazine" wage, the end of 2009 to 2011 and in the "Chinese news media network" work. These two work experience directly affects the Soviet lock mountain, let him do the initiation of a class of "special business" idea. This "business", that is, exposure to others or work units vulnerability to blackmail, to get money to implement. In the first half of 2012, he met through friends, "CCTV management center channel where filming style" and "director" with Wu Chun, the two become friends. Through conversation, he is more determined to do "special business" determination. In order to give yourself "package", in August 2012, the Soviet Union locked mountain through social relationships, fake a "Global News newspaper," the correspondent card and "Chinese legal research center research permit." In order to get the CCTV related documents, raise their own identity, Su lock mountain and spent 20,000 yuan entrusted Wu with spring handle the "CCTV CTV Cartier production department document", also produced a written "deputy director of the Chinese legal research center" card. Wu Tong Chun,[url=][/url], aged 42, secondary education, who lives in Tongzhou District of Beijing, is a cultural advertising company boss, a Beijing media have done to help the business. Wu Chun with two work permits, namely China Network Television Channel Management observe a work permit and CCTV CTV Cartier production department work permit. To make the party more believe in yourself, Wu Chun also carry the same printed with CCTV, China Central Television, producer, director Wu Chun words with cards. They all ready. In the public security organs, investigators asked: " You do not worry about being debunked the masses," Wu Chun same answer: "We carry the documents and printed with 'CCTV' words cameras, in a short time they will know our true and false. "The fact fulfill their" confidence. " November 2012, Hill and Wu Su Lock with Spring for miners in Shanxi Yuxian Lee claiming CCTV reporter, exposing them to illegal mining. After saying the seriousness of the matter, the Soviet Union, Wu duo also proposes a "solution to the problem", which called for Lee to pay two "hush money" of $ 100,000. Lee did not want to make big things, they agreed to pay after the destruction of the image data. After the Soviet Union, the two Wu 50,000 yuan per share. February 2013, the Soviet Union Locks Hill, Wu Chun came with a mine Qian'an City, Hebei Province, in some cases shooting mine,[url=]canada goose pas cher[/url], the two main Ryu find the mine,[url=][/url], claiming to be staff of CCTV, saying Exposure to illegal mining issue in CCTV, allowed to get 300,000 yuan to settle. Ryu too miners did not agree the price is too high. Later Lian Xing Long Liu said by other people find themselves and reporters familiar, can come forward to settle the matter. By Lian Xing Long coordination from both sides on a good pay 80,000 yuan can no longer exposure. Sue Lock with Spring Hill and Wu 40,000 yuan per share. So, Lian Xing Long is who So how do you know he is a lock with Spring Hill and Miss it Lian Xing Long, Peng Qian'an sub shop countryman, in early 2001 after graduating from the army, retired farmer in his hometown,[url=]abercrombie[/url], since 2011 in his hometown of operating an iron ore. 2012 winter, Lian Xing Long time and dinner with friends, met Sue Lock Hill and Wu with the spring, when the Soviet Union Locks Hill and Wu with the spring are claiming to be CCTV reporter, and showed him the documents, after which they left each other on the phone. Until they were arrested by public security organs, Lian Xing Long before we know the Soviet Union, Wu two fake reporters. After that interview, Hill told Su Lian Xing Long locks provide clues can also get into. March 2013, Lian Xing Long in Tangshan, Hebei Fengrun that certain galvanizing plant pollution after they let Sue Lock with Spring Hill and Wu duo to shoot. After that, they found the factory boss Lee, presented the CCTV work permit, said Lee factory environmental pollution problems, let get 30,[url=][/url],[url=]hollister[/url],000 yuan to solve the matter. After the two sides to 19,000 yuan to settle things. The 19,000 yuan, 8,500 yuan share Lian Xing Long, after removing the remaining expenses, Su,[url=][/url], Wu two sub 4,000 yuan. 4 Fraud "public" does not succeed, "CCTV reporter" arrested at the end of the court, the former four-respected "CCTV reporter," all lowered his head and admit all the facts of the crime. The presiding judge asked: "You fake reporters, before all the miners and other personal cheat, why Ganpian government department " Sue Lock Hill replied: "I was raised to 'business' bigger, because previous work in the news media when listening to news organizations work friends say, to expose the vulnerability of local government can fool blackmail money, so I had this idea, "the presiding judge asked:." When did you start to cheat the Government "Su Lock Hill:" About March this year. "Originally, in mid-March 2013, Lingshou farmer Yang Su Lock Hill to make" CCTV reporter "status to help their land compensation payments, after it promised to give him $ 6000. Wu Su-Lock with Spring Hill Telephone invite to join. Su Wu duo in Lingshou understanding "relevant circumstances", the local town government to find "negotiations." In the meantime, the town and local government workers are not scared of their "CCTV reporter" status, Su Wu duo found that "something" bad deal, they quickly dismissed. Because "things did not run," Yang does not agree to the two 6000. A little later, in late March day, listen surnamed Zhang Shan Su lock friend said Shijiazhuang Hirokawa local things so much noise due to land acquisition compensation more powerful, the Soviet Union,[url=]canada goose outlet[/url], the two would discuss Wu as CCTV blackmail local government staff . When the three of them explained what he wanted to find a local government, the local government staff did not take the money "appeasement." The next day, the Soviet Union, Wu phone about two and local government workers,[url=]hollister[/url], government workers do not find an excuse to ignore them, they found that lie less money to drive back to Beijing. April 6, 2013 in the evening, at an inn Pengshan years, Wu Su Lock with Spring Hill and in the case of Cui brothers have been fraudulently obtained 35,000 yuan, and how fraud Wrangler playing the town government thinking. Since the Soviet lock Hill, Wu Chun, who with clumsy trick, combined with Wrangler town government vigilance is relatively high, the final four crooks in Pengshan County arrested. "I do not think government departments are now strong legal awareness, vigilance is high, we defraud three times, but still not a success and I was caught in Pengshan, I deserved it." Sue Lock Hill Road in the court statement. Zhou and clouds full of tears in court, said: "! Unblemished all my life, to break the law to do old things, and now I really regret it that way," Lian Xing Long in the final statement said: "The I'm not high culture, legal consciousness, the 'fake reporters' as 'real reporter', along with participation in the fraud, I am sorry for the family, I'm sorry 4 year old daughter. "October 9, Pengshan open court sentencing proceeding. The court held that the defendant Su Lock Hill, Wu Tong-chun, Lian Xing Long illegal possession for the purpose of posing as media reporters, to expose the victim's wrongful conduct on the victim implementation of blackmail in order to get money, their behavior violated the criminal law, constitute extortion, which locks Su Shan, Wu Chun extortion with a huge amount, the larger the amount of the defendant Lian Xing Long extortion. Court according to law: the defendant guilty of extortion Su Shan lock and fraud, graft, decided to implement the five-year and six months in prison and fined 35,000 yuan; Wu Tong Chun guilty of extortion and fraud, and the number of crimes penalty, decided to implement four years and six months in prison and fined 30,000 yuan; extortion and sentenced to a year in prison Lian Xing Long and fined 10,000 yuan; fraud and sentenced to a year in prison and cloud week, and fined 10,000 yuan. Documented on the tools of crime seized a video camera, a camera, a number of false documents confiscated. After the verdict, the four defendants in court said the service contract not to appeal. I think the case in recent years, "fake newspaper", "fake reporters Station", "fake reporters", "false news" and "Four false" despite repeated prohibitions, seriously affecting the press and publication order. GAPP this repeated demands, there are still people dare to defy world opinion, to take risks, to defy the law. Fake reporters who use the "justice" in the name of the real evil, in fact, because of the temptation of huge interest. Their so-called "public opinion", as long as the money will be able to "settle." Sue Lock Hill, Wu Chun and others with in just a few months time, fraud is often successful, involving up to 24 million yuan, which reflects both the number of people and the lack of grassroots cadres to distinguish between true and false reporters and judgment,[url=][/url], but also reflects the part of the legal consciousness of victims, threatening the existence of the fake reporters even bankruptcy misfortunes, psychological trouble, in "exposure" and "no exposure" between, many victims chose silence, "pay", took trivialize ones of the practice, fueling the arrogance of false reporters, making it more rampant, nothing to fear. Expose scammers trick is not difficult, but some parties or individuals would prefer to "spend money to buy peace," do not want "exposure" in the sun, reason, or the existence of its own flaws, irregularities related. To tackle the "four false" unhealthy trend, in addition to crack down on the "four false" behavior, but also to cure the breeding liar "soil" in full compliance with law abiding society atmosphere to form various government departments administration, the various units and enterprises engaged in law related matters, let crooks have to take advantage of the machine. Fake reporters to defraud two main types, one is the so-called problems with exposure to seize the victim threatened, and second, that the victim help solve the problem for profit, in essence, are based on profit for the purpose. From fake reporters to see the identity of the source, one is downright false reporters, do a personal website,[url=][/url], making a reporter on the use of its card fraud, another is posing, usurping the name of the press about the news coverage of the so-called fraud. Judge recommended that units and individuals in an interview to reporters documents to strengthen audit, carefully check through the news department in charge, do not be fooled by all kinds of numerous documents. News propaganda departments to increase the reporter's management and supervision, the registration of all the reporters and the public on the Internet, so that respondents units and individuals can check online to determine the true and false. The relevant departments should intensify the fight against illegal newspapers, websites efforts on illegal workers severely punished according to law, and will investigate the information published prevent "criminal record" and "misdeeds" people continue trickster in the community.

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