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Designers sudden spiritual syphilis 20 years ago d

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PostPosted: Mon 5:20, 20 Jan 2014    Post subject: Designers sudden spiritual syphilis 20 years ago d

's Hospital of Dermatology of years, Mr. Li told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, if you know they pay so much price, that twenty years ago, will not make mistakes. This is a disease so that he fell to the ground from the sky, could no longer work, paralyzed in bed. It turned out that Mr. Li is an architect. It should be said, to his age, career, fame and fortune is a good time, the industry has a good reputation, revenue also quite good. More valuable is as Dink family, Mr. Li has a very thoughtful care of his wife, has been quietly supported him in his career, no matter how late he worked, always a good pot of soup waiting for him back home. However, two years ago, in his 47 years old this year, Mr. Li was inexplicably sick, when the drawing will not help trembling hands,[url=]abercrombie in hamburg[/url], gradually he began to not hold a brush, until finally no longer afford to put pen to. From gentle to suspect that someone wants to harm often disowned him at the same time, Mr. Li became depressed, taciturn. To outsiders, he seems to be subject to no small blow. He often shut himself in a room, alone, stay for a day of family are back from the dead, indifferent. According to his wife recalled that, before the onset, Mr. Li is a very gentle,[url=]Nike Lebron XI Homme[/url], very considerate man. Even no matter how busy, will find time to accompany her, said many sweet words. Even married for many years, will send her flowers on Valentine's Day, when she was ready to give a birthday gift. But after the onset of her husband like a different person, like acting strange, incoherent, paranoid. Once she watch TV in the hall,[url=][/url], because the TV sound noisy point, Mr. Li would suddenly rushed out of the room roared, she was asked not to murder him. Even then how she cried, her husband also indifferent. From psychological counseling to calm taking drugs,[url=]Occhiali da sole Gucci Struttura in medium rettangolare con logo Gucci i[/url],[url=][/url], mental deterioration sicker at first, his wife always thought that Mr. Li was work pressure. In order to alleviate the symptoms of her husband's spirit, starting in 2011, she insisted regularly sent him to do psychotherapy,[url=]parajumpers hannover[/url], and to calm him taking drugs. In her meticulous care,[url=]doudoune hollister femme pas cher[/url], Mr. Li's condition seems to have improved,[url=]Nike Air Jordan 10 Femme Gris[/url], emotional stability a lot, but intelligence began to decline, not only often forget things,[url=]occhiali tiffany[/url], even 80 minus 3 minus 3 this arithmetic questions are not answer. Once, in the morning, not even his wife Li can not recognize,[url=][/url], like a long time to react; go out, if not optimistic about him, Mr. Li even remember the way home; to take good care of her husband, Li Mrs. quit his job, staying waited at his side. In February, two months after the onset of lung Mr. Li was finally due to respiratory muscle paralysis caused by infection,[url=]hollister sweatpants[/url], was taken to the Fifth People's Hospital of Suzhou. In the ICU ward, Mr. Li received a tracheotomy and connected to a breathing machine. Fortunately,[url=]Gucci Mid Top Patent Leather Stivali Giallo[/url], in the hospital for various sections of the force,[url=][/url], he was out of danger. Mr. Li looked at the bed, unconscious, Li wife nearly collapsed the whole person. Now, she still do not understand, what is the disease,[url=]veste capuche fourrure homme[/url], so that her husband was such a crime. Thunderbolt sick culprit was "neurosyphilis" spit out 20 years ago after he regained consciousness hidden secrets during treatment, Mr. Li received a lumbar puncture. His examination showed symptoms of this series is the culprit neurosyphilis. When you see the report card bearing the words "neurosyphilis" When these five words. Li did not understand Mrs. contact between neurosyphilis and syphilis, but she was clearly what Syphilis is a disease. When she knew she loved her husband because syphilis is caused by today's horrors, like a lightning bolt, the people are numb. After a month of symptomatic treatment, Mr. Li finally woke up from the coma over, in that their condition after the mouth talking about just one sentence: "I really should not go to a prostitute, I am sorry for my wife." Originally, according to He said that when the early 90s of the last century, he was in business trip temptation, with a POP Counter lady, "It Happened One Night." Despite being twenty years ago, but how he did not expect, awful "romantic thing" will be the primer by syphilis, he completely destroyed. Syphilis caused by violations of cerebral palsy when multiple mistaken for dementia onset mental disorders, according to the Fifth People's Hospital, Suzhou Dermatology 贾国泉 director introduction, neurosyphilis by Treponema pallidum infection of the central nervous system caused by disease, the main clinical types of syphilitic meningitis, syphilis,[url=]orologi gucci femminili[/url], meningeal blood vessels, paralytic dementia categories. Mr. Li's case belongs paralytic dementia symptoms. Nearly two years, the hospital received their due neurosyphilis caused paralysis in patients with dementia has reached more than 10 people, especially common in older men, by the Treponema pallidum has caused a series of violations of the brain nerve palsy, progressive dementia and personality disorder characterized by clinical symptoms. Guguo Quan told reporters after early syphilis infection, because the symptoms are mild or no discomfort, patients often choose to conceal the truth, instead of selecting the correct and timely diagnosis and treatment, after several years to 10 years of incubation, syphilis violations of the nervous system,[url=]gucci portafogli uomo[/url], causing brain blood vessels, brain or meninges damage. When the disease, relatives and patient himself thought it was more than mental illness, to accompany the patient to the mental clinic, and in patients with physical symptoms, will choose to go neurology or surgical treatment, ignoring the possibility of syphilis infection. "Expert: neurosyphilis can effectively control Guguo Quan said that if timely diagnosis and treatment, in fact, neurological disease or syphilis can be effectively controlled If it is found early, the disease progressed to the stage of irreversible consequences quite serious. Therefore,[url=[0][0[/url], Guguo Quan reminded, once patients have these physical symptoms,[url=][/url], or have been infected with syphilis, must go to a regular hospital, early diagnosis or rule out this possibility, early treatment, because "there are many forms of syphilis infection, syphilis must go to a regular hospital, treated early, otherwise it will lead to serious consequences. "approximately 10% of patients after 15 years of tertiary syphilis have neurosyphilis is a common sexually transmitted disease syphilis, Treponema pallidum infection by the human body occurred,[url=][/url], has come out of hundreds years, and currently are distributed worldwide, it is very important for sexually transmitted diseases; may be divided into acquired syphilis, congenital syphilis and pregnancy, syphilis and other adult-acquired syphilis refers primarily through sex and infected with syphilis clinical. divided into three phases, in addition to violations of skin and mucous membranes, can also involve internal organs, is a more serious sexually transmitted disease early syphilis: stage of disease within two years, and is divided into the following categories: primary syphilis (ie,[url=][/url], chancre ), secondary syphilis, early latent syphilis late syphilis (three) refers to the stage of disease more than 2 years, divided into the following categories: late benign syphilis: including the skin, mucous membranes, eyes and bones of late syphilis damage; cardiovascular syphilis .; neurosyphilis about 10% of tertiary syphilis in patients 15-20 years after infection with neurological symptoms of syphilis correspondent 陈磊扬 sub Evening News reporter Xue 马义文 / photo (original title: Suzhou renowned architect sudden "mental illness" suspicious people. To harm him)

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