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Overseas students complained to their elementary s

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PostPosted: Sat 13:25, 18 Jan 2014    Post subject: Overseas students complained to their elementary s

's Day posting, accusing her alma mater Road Primary School in Lhasa, "I never conceal this elementary disgust, and even - to hate." Subsequently, an experience "Lhasa Road Primary School - Nanjing Foreign Language School - Peking University - Cambridge" to pull a small track graduates Li Xuan, also shared her from 1993 to 1998 in the small pull student life, also complained of this "dark Life. " These two articles real name issued on all networks, West Temple, End of the World Forum was widely reproduced. Some denounced the brutal competition in the elite education; Some people come out to refute, and accused the two authors of "ingratitude"; more people to start thinking about the pros and cons of primary education model schools. The day before yesterday, the reporter interviewed a connection in a foreign country in the early chapters and Li Li Xuan. Brutal childhood education gives us the shadows of time in San Francisco and London,[url=]piumini moncler 2014[/url], June 1, Zhang Li and Li Xuan earlier issued each log, "Children should take the opportunity to reflect part of the so-called elite elementary truth, the protection of parents, save save the child. " The tear operations, penalty Chaozuo Ye, Xiejian Tao, violent corporal punishment, criticism will ...... Li and Li Xuan early chapter lists were brutally education they had witnessed Road Primary School in Lhasa, the time to bring them broadside primary shadow "My teachers are on the job has a unique set of aesthetics such as our class math teacher, did not like the book has the wrong title,[url=]moncler daunenmantel schwarz[/url], wrong question,[url=][/url], and to tear this job, rewritten;. language teacher, requires a high degree of word To unify, restricted to accounting for half the grid. " Li Xuan said in an interview: "We are not against the school or a teacher, just hope that through this way to evoke the teachers, the parents' attention, for the purpose of protecting children, but also to thank those who have been in these dark days. in warm over me. although we have good people in the eyes of others, can not be explained in primary ordeal makes us successful, there are many successful path, not necessarily have to go through brute force, humiliation style Education "for the" ingratitude "of the accused, Zhang Li, said earlier:" hated this argument, history can not be assumed that there are numerous types of fork leads to happiness, and countless possibilities, not just read this one elite only certainty is. If I do not read the small pull, I would be a more happy, less anxious, more confident person. "They evoke a lot of experience to share similar experiences resonate with users. "The situation in the two sister talked about the log, I have encountered many, now remember." From 2000 to 2001 in Lhasa Road Primary School grade five or six Cao Fang (a pseudonym) said, "then just think academic burden, less sleep a day, but most can not stand the humiliation type of punishment is the teacher, such as the operation of the tear publicly thrown in the face of students, classes to improve performance because it flows directly to the achievement of the students out of the classroom regress . "Cao Fang said, after reading these two logs, he and some other Nanjing primary school graduates who talked" probably be a little tough to pull typical. " Every family and friends to send their children to pull hours,[url=]gucci sede legale[/url], have to go to school in a foreign country will account for one of Cao Fang, "In a small school the child will pull a little tired." Parents posting early chapters discuss education model schools and Li Li Xuan then pull a small student said: "Along the way, from small to pull the south,[url=][/url], the fair assessment, strict discipline to pull a small child's personality cultivation is no problems in the strict traditional upbringing pull small children, there are not bad quality, are relatively simple, but its mode of education need to reflect, to pull small has changed. "in online forums, there are also dedicated parents Posting discuss pulling a small model of education, "the boy's Road Primary School in Lhasa after junior okay,[url=][/url], after entering high school lack the stamina slowly, because of the potential at the primary stage is premature excavated," "should be said that little is pulled Nanjing oriented education with the best schools, primary schools have a good foundation, at least on a good high school,[url=]moncler kinderkleidung[/url], children have the opportunity to learn together with the class. pull small not suitable for all children, but suitable for some children, and finally Parents choose to see. " Almost all parents have experienced a small rise early, are well aware of examination-oriented education to the children to bring pressure. "Sometimes this spoon instead appear to be more effective in the exam, we also can not, who can not afford to gamble the future of the child." Now the children have been successfully promoted to the Nanjing Foreign Language School, talking about his son, but the very fact that the upper grades academic pressure quite distressed,[url=]parajumpers jakker[/url], "is also his son's elementary schools, excellent classmates came under strong competitive pressure,[url=]Gucci Heritage hobo media Light Brown[/url], and sometimes even cry son did not want to go to school and cried." Ms. Zhang said, the early chapters stand, Li Xuan Compared to two childhood experiences, his son obviously happier. "Now is gradually progressive education model, when we go to school these two authors say things might still relatively common, but now a lot of really mild. Only strong academic pressure forcing teachers, students,[url=]gucci borse donna[/url], parents went together well The Boot like "sparked heated debate for the two logs Road Primary School in Lhasa, the relevant responsible person said:" The matter is already ten years ago, and we can not be verified the authenticity of things, but not easy to make a comment. Many articles have now been named retired teacher, it is impossible to go bother them, or make a deal. "the official said, the education model is changing with the times and progress, the school welcomes students, parents suggestions and opinions, hopes to return to his alma mater to see graduates who witness these changes. Dialogue to distinguish between severe and brutal Education Education Reporter: What made you write determined to put this thing out Early chapters Li: I hope we do not have children suffered similar suffering. The impact of this article, I am pleased that at least we are concerned about primary education. Reporter: in the eyes of others, many of you and your students are successful, this learning experience and pull the small matter Li Xuan: You can not say that this suffering is the only way to success, more success is precisely the way to bring the power of warmth. Reporter: For this post, what need further explanation Li Xuan: Be sure to distinguish between different education and brutally harsh education, I agree reasonable, not the person's harsh education, but teachers must respect the students, using some violent means, will only make the children's moral collapse. Reporter: Do you own psychology is the study of child development, whether from a professional point of view to talk about Li Xuan: from primary school oppression, utilitarian, humiliation style education, is a lively children in depletion of energy, so that children living in the state to linger a day,[url=]parajumpers jacken outlet[/url], it will destroy the ability of a student self-learning and life plans. This is, after entering high school will show up immediately. Reporter: Some people accuse you of ingratitude, how do you think Early chapters stand: we were all article said is true, there are a lot of circumstantial evidence against the prevailing norm. The purpose of writing we were not deliberately go "black" pull small. Little has changed,[url=]abercrombie online outlet[/url], if pulled, then openly admit this history, said it would continue to reflect, welcome oversight. According to the Modern Express solicitation if you have any views on the current education of their own children from primary to university or school experience what feelings may be at 15:00 to 5:00, call the hotline Chinese news to share with us. Altered our habits quick assessment of Zhejiang Education news column newspaper chief comment I believe Zhang Xu Thunder Li and Li Xuan said earlier is the truth. Although usually "truth impolite." Both Nanjing alumni, stand up "complaint" is encountered in elementary school "dark life." They are in the nineties in Lhasa, Nanjing Road Primary School to learn, there are now learning achievement. Chapter trajectory is established early: Nanjing Road Primary School in Lhasa - Nanjing Foreign Language School - Tsinghua University - University of Michigan school, currently working at Northwestern University; Li Xuan trajectory is: Lhasa Road Primary School - Nanjing Foreign Language School - Peking University - Cambridge University. However,[url=][/url], when the primary school, corporal punishment, violence, struggle sessions, penalty Chaozuo Ye, Xiejian Tao ...... etc., etc.,[url=][/url], all sorts of rude education, give them a huge shadow. Yes,[url=]tiffany milano duomo[/url], ah, childhood affect his life, endured the ravages of young minds, a lifetime unforgettable. The child's mind is always very sensitive, which school is good not only for the difference is extremely sensitive, likes and dislikes of each specific teacher is also engraved in the heart. Many education news again makes me feel a piercing,[url=]parajumper norge[/url], like this: Shaanxi Xunyang Mogou kindergarten with Xia Xue, because children can not fully recite the text, use tongs to children's hand burns, burns survey found that children up to 10. Xue Xia said she was with a bad mood ...... and some teachers, then let me sadly,[url=][/url], like "City Express" "free lunch" funded through the Nayong County, Guizhou, a man named pot ring Rock Township village, five substitute teacher Substitute only receive 25 yuan monthly fee, users exclaimed: "30 years ago, so much do they cross it " This is another "Heartbreakers." Schools where these substitute teachers, compared with the city's elementary school, it must be "quite different." I myself was born in 1966, and the "Cultural Revolution" of the same age, Way back then read a rural primary school, is extremely simple, but the teacher is really good; their cultural knowledge may not be too high, but the quality is really good, grew on me can be a good influence ...... Today, education seems to be getting a utilitarian. From private school education to modern education, traditional education habit seems to "punish Education", students are always hanging with a head of the "ruler"; and modern western education, then the "appreciation" for the keyword. The problem is that our parents a little "appreciation of education," schools and teachers often point to "punish education" obliterate the cleaners. So, I am most looking forward to is altered habits of our education,[url=][/url], to "ruler" to "appreciation." Not long ago, I am pleased to microblogging forwarded such a piece of news: Ningbo, Zhejiang Fenghua City, North Middle School, introduced a new series of 101 teachers for the school code of conduct, requiring teacher "is not condescending to speak with students ,[url=][/url], "" disagree, to allow students to argue "," not because of issues raised by the students childish and teasing, "in addition to" smile into the classroom, "" stoop to the students before class bow "and so requires ...... This is our education figurative progress, you can not be big, "like a" do Xu Thunder book "History has just cleared" by Guangxi Normal University Press published on Sunday (June 10) 15:00 to 5:00 meeting will be held in The Age of Innocence book club readers, and public service delivery and sign sign sale,[url=][/url], if you want to participate, please call 87968178 Registration at 10:00 to 17:00 today, limited to 30 people reported full.

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