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Party secretary directing hundreds of people late

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PostPosted: Sun 4:35, 19 Jan 2014    Post subject: Party secretary directing hundreds of people late

's bell had just struck,[url=][/url], Pingdingshan City Zhanhe Bo Li Guirong village house but was forcibly removed hundreds of people, while at home all the items are full buried in the rubble,[url=]mulberry[/url],[url=][/url], causing 72-year-old homeless woman in the winter. Event: mass demolitions of houses at night,[url=]parajumpers[/url], "because we do not agree with the compensation standards developers, more than a hundred middle of the night to my house forcibly removed,[url=][/url], cold day, let us how over-ah!" Cypress House Zhanhe Pingdingshan Li Guirong lady sent his family to the big river village for help. 2 am, Pingdingshan temperatures around minus 5 degrees,[url=][/url], Li Guirong elderly and several relatives have been reduced to rubble in the "home",[url=]canada goose sale[/url], the effort to find their stuff. Reporters saw Laotai family quilts, clothes, stove,[url=]air jordan[/url], food and so buried in the rubble. As the homeless, Laotai had built a shack with plastic sheeting on the ruins to resist the cold wind. According to Li Guirong introduction, December 31, 2012 at 10 am, a sudden power outage at home, a man at home in her early to rest. Around 12:00, sleeping Laotai are large machinery roar awakened, Laotai heart thumped, do these people really want to come to your own house demolitions When are worried that thump sound muffled,[url=]hollister sale[/url], has been pushed to its own walls. Laotai head suddenly Mongolia, panic,[url=][/url], she finally trembling hands the phone call to his son. "Tapping......, Soon, on the door of my house was broken open." Laotai recalled that after the door was broken open,[url=]canada goose sale[/url], a dozen young men poured into the house, the scared paralyzed on the ground Laotai carried to the stop on the outside of the van. "I cried in the car with the question why they demolished my house,[url=][/url], they say there is nothing to find the village committee said." Laotai said, when she was carried to the car and saw a dense mass of all people outside, And there is the party secretary in command of his house demolished. Subsequently,[url=]hollister[/url], in the roar of the excavator and the sound of their own houses collapsed, Laotai van pulled away from the scene was being pulled up outside a hotel in over 10 years, more than one hour later, it was sent back, But good house has turned into ruins. "After my mother received a phone call Ganjin Wang home to catch up,[url=]canada goose outlet[/url], but two entrances leading to the home of dozens of young men have been blocked, there is no access." Son of the King Laotai peak angrily said. At that time, Wang Qin Feng couple dialed more than 10 times "110" telephone alarm, nearly half an hour later, when the distance is less than two kilometers Pingdingshan City Light Road police station rushed to the scene demolitions who have been evacuated. Cause: too unreasonable to refuse the demolition compensation ends Wang Qin Feng introduced into trouble, Pingdingshan City Housing Group came to the village in 2010 to engage in the development of villages,[url=][/url], compensation standards is a legitimate homestead house of 220 square meters to the masses. "My family's homestead has 340 square feet, I asked them to pay me 340 square meters,[url=][/url], but they only give 220 square meters, for only a few hundred dollars extra compensation per square meter,[url=]hollister[/url], while the square to sell their house a 3,000 yuan So I did not agree with the demolition. "Feng told reporters about the King himself has not agreed to the demolition of the reason. "Since the developers came, for the demolition of households do not match, the door smashed, throw a brick courtyard has occurred and the glass smashed and other events are." Wang said his family was harassed less than a hundred times. "These people are too lawlessness! Noon that day, the village director and party secretary to find us negotiate relocation compensation, we do not agree,[url=]hollister online shop[/url], who thought that evening to so many people to my house demolitions!" Wang Qin Feng said,[url=]woolrich outlet[/url], the family house was After the violent demolitions, two days no one to give them a statement. Response: not allowed to refuse to be interviewed after 2 pm, the reporter by telephone will be communicated to the relevant circumstances Zhanhe Light Road Subdistrict Office party secretary Liu Guodong, Liu said he already knew this, but the reporter did not pass Cham River Relevant departments allowed, so convenient to be interviewed. We celebrate New Year's Day at the occasion, who can think of a few degrees below zero weather, house demolitions,[url=]hollister[/url], clothes, blankets, stoves and food and other belongings were buried in the ruins of a lost homeland seventy How old woman will spend Who gives these people barbaric behavior Who these people's acquiescence banditry Big river will continue to be concerned about! (- Sectoral Cai Changwei text / Chart)

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