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Two years ago, men were falsely offsite loss of id

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PostPosted: Mon 14:13, 20 Jan 2014    Post subject: Two years ago, men were falsely offsite loss of id

's identity being falsely news, did not think today I have encountered such a thing." December 24, Chow Changsha people call our news hotline 96258 to reflect, he lost two years ago fraudulent use of identity cards being offered bank cards, Henan, Hubei and other places foot 7. In this regard,[url=]mulberry outlet[/url], the Provincial Public Security Bureau police, as long as the card is lost after a replacement had handled the report of loss, liability arising after the fraudulent use by others without himself to bear. Reporter survey found that online sale sender ID card and scan numerous business is hot. According to police and information security source, mobile phones, wifi and so may make personal data everywhere "streaking." Discovered seven people in the field of bank card Dec. 24, Chow went to the bank for agricultural wages cards,[url=]air jordan pas cher[/url], bank staff was told that his identity has been handled seven bank cards in Henan, Hubei and other places. Chow is very strange, "I have never been to these places, how have these bank cards do " By bank staff inquiries,[url=][/url], open the card dates of these cards are in July 2011. Chow memories, which happens to be a certain Internet cafe in Changsha lost his ID card, report the loss of time. Then he dialed 110. Police informed that as long as the card is lost after Chow had handled the report of loss replacement,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], after being produced impersonation does not need his own responsibility to bear. However, in order to facilitate future bank cards, suggested that he personally went to Henan, Hubei and other places open cards one by one off the line card. Chow identity online survey open-outcry identity is how living to the field Reporter survey found that online has openly selling cards. In a Post reporter claimed to have found dozens of ID card users it wholesale. One called "single-handedly ID wholesale" netizens album, only the "December's latest supply" a second generation ID card photos have nearly photos,[url=][/url],[url=]hollister online shop[/url], ranging from 20-40 years of age, including Hunan Province ID 100 Multiple sheets. Reporter as buyers get in touch with the friends. Friends on price 300 yuan per card through PayPal payment, express delivery, refund can not be used if received after card. When a reporter questioned the true and false,[url=][/url],[url=]canada goose sale[/url], the other true answer: "These have picked up, but also acquired all the necessary places second generation ID card can be used." Moreover, the identity card is also cheap sale online. Reporters who found a network called "identity card",[url=][/url],[url=]woolrich[/url], the signature is "ID scan a large number of real, true copy, Paypal credentials." He explained, id scanning across the country have 2 yuan each, 30 more than the wholesale selling. , Told reporters that once bought 30 too much, the other said "not much, people often buy a few hundred." Police identity card most likely cheated collar regard, the provincial Public Security Bureau police, criminals identity through the acquisition of unknown origin, and then release sales information through forums, web, high sales profit. Buyers may use the card to engage in illegal and criminal activities, most likely cheating credit card fraud. Police remind the public usually do not easily provide identity information to others, if found information was leaked or sold,[url=]abercrombie[/url], attention preserve evidence,[url=]hollister[/url], promptly reported to the police. When using the identity card, write "*** This copy is for purpose" and some strokes with the identity of the words superimposed,[url=]mulberry[/url], to prevent unauthorized use of copies. Trainee reporter Jiang Runhui remind police,[url=][/url], in addition to identity, lost phone cards,[url=]hollister sale[/url], rub wifi so may allow disclosure of personal information. Phone card should more carefully this year in July, Ms. Wong Liuyang people accidentally lost a cell phone, she did not give the phone card pin number. A few days later, suddenly remembered the phone number and Alipay had bound her investigation surprised: inside the 24,600 yuan all gone. Lost phone will result in Alipay leak it Provincial Public Security Bureau police Re: Alipay Alipay phone password authentication only by binding it can be modified, so as long as get SMS verification code will be able to pay the money to go turn on the PayPal account. He reminded the family of online shopping,[url=]hollister outlet[/url],[url=,,,],,,[/url], and Alipay bound phone card once lost, you should change the phone number associated Alipay immediately and transfer Alipay balance. wifi also allows disclosure of personal information "geek" Liu Qiang heard rub free wifi could lead to online banking, Paypal and other information leaks, use free wifi access in public places are safe Kingsoft Anti-virus experts Tiejun replies: such crimes still rare, but the wifi is set to automatically connect users to more easily caught. Once wifi access with the virus, hackers can steal users' personal information, including online banking, stock trading accounts, credit card numbers and so on. That household WiFi devices on safe Li Tiejun,[url=]hollister[/url],[url=][/url], and now there are a lot of tools to crack the home network,[url=][/url], once home wifi hackers to crack passwords, it is possible for the user to remotely control the machine. He suggested that users try to home wifi administrator user and password settings complicated. (Original title: lost an ID card, bank cards more 7)

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