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both depicting the beauty of the volume

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PostPosted: Tue 13:38, 02 Apr 2013    Post subject: both depicting the beauty of the volume

"the there certainly Thangka prayer flags, Duixiu, hangings
wearing robes governor Monk in the provocation wick
elderly and young lama Scroll through volume
will believers in Buddha Fuseshita the body
...... "
Yes, yes, Tibet, Tibet! Dear, I finally came. Only to the blue sky, flocks of sheep, Teana chanting sound just to round deep in the hearts of long a dream!
about half past six in the morning on July 25, 2012 AD, the car starting from the Square, through the Shiman Expressway near Xi'an, all the way west to Lanzhou, Gansu, Qinghai, Xining, Golmud reach the end, climb Tanggula Lhasa, and then turn back to Golmud and continue northward Dunhuang. The days of the trip, up to thousands of miles away, bumpy displaced suffered altitude sickness, pain, and still can not shake the image of you in my heart - mighty, shock, pure you. This way, I could not stop the tears, tears of happiness. Opened his eyes, close your eyes at the moment, both depicting the beauty of the volume, how can we be willing to miss? Back, your heart is still left in the blue sky, white clouds, Huang Shu, red Buddhist monk's robe, green water, hovering multicolored prayer flags ...
Yes, yes, if there next time, I'm in the Nam Co daze, make a wish. I will be a short stay for some time, or Nyingchi or the Medog. Waiting for you to come with me to see Tibet, the moon, the breeze ...
Qinghai line
kind of preconceived feeling.
Fangcao year before been to. She said the Qinghai Lake is beautiful, very beautiful. Unfortunately, unable to stay a week. She said Xining city is quiet, simple. 10 yuan a bowl big bowls can pass an afternoon.
Xiaochan say Xining like blissful silence lad. Steadfast silence tolerant, honest laugh. Is one to not want to leave the city.
did not go smoothly.
way to Xining, the car broke down, and almost led to the accident. Speculation, questioned all kinds of disputes, causing a small time around. Unknown time of repair.
July heat of the shower, nothing we hit him in Qinghai, cold autumn cold. Remove the prepared gown trousers, hood, not into, put on a sweater class they would feel safe. To ensure their own health in Tibet before we go.
came to the street to eat lunch. Noodle House very much. Next to each other. Wide, fine, or the dough piece. Crude bowl, a large bowl of marked oil floating, fresh and bright. Point a rack of lamb meat. Weight is enough. Fat rather thick. Eat, not greasy.
bus to Xining department store. Xining friends of the car, the Hui or Salar woman wearing a hijab, exposing clean eyes, eyes cordial, hand gestures, voice reminded to stop. The rain drenched people. Through the underground passage into the first floor of the supermarket. Stand in front of various drugs, saffron, snow lotus, dazzling sense. Friends to look at the sun hat, to prevent ultraviolet light. On the second floor of costumes, and turn on the third floor, has not the right price. Down to the first floor, pick Qinghai yogurt in three bottles, only 2.5 bottle in Shiyan to four or five dollars a bottle. Burst highland barley and small, like our popcorn. Local beef jerky, a little butter tea. A taxi back to the repair shop, and can not tell the address. Just see all the way to speak hotel, school name, so the driver we sent.
repair cost of $ 2500! Vehicle Wang pilot Fortunately smoothly. Car flew all the way to the Kumbum Monastery.
not come and get off, heard the leader say, a $ 80 tickets on the line in the near photo camera. Tonight rushed to the the Qinghai Tibetans District. Alright. Camera with the crowd, complete sense, and show that I came through it.
Kumbum Monastery is the founder of the the Buddhist Gelug Sect of Tibetan, the birthplace of the famous religious reformer of the history of Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhist guru Tsongkhapa. The Kumbum Monastery have been hailed as the wonders of Oriental Art "Art Ruin: murals, Duixiu and Butter. Unfortunately, Duixiu been lost. The 1,000 murals so bright swagger, the immortality of the year to show people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]. Butter is a cruel art, devout Catholics are a cult, and I certainly do not want this kind of art can be handed down. Qinghai Province, not Kumbum Monastery is regrettable; went to the Kumbum Monastery, do not look at the "Ruin" regret.
only one hour, and left in a hurry Kumbum Monastery, went to the Tibetan area of ​​Qinghai Lake. All the way to the Tibetan Plateau scenery, very moving. The wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep on the hillside full of yaks and sheep, all with extremely long hair, idle to the hillside grazing. Twelve brazenly across the road. Car line along the winding road, like walking through the clouds. Caopo green flock like a white spots dot the grassy bank. The pulled chicken mountains to More than three thousand meters above sea level. Refused to take a friend's exhortations altitude sickness, out the door, you shoot a variety of wild flowers on the plateau. Chamaejasme flowers, Malan Flower ... low, dwarf, opened Lie Yan.
went Riyueshan. The twilight of the night slowly opened. It is time to look back to the hometown of Princess Wencheng. The desolation, vaguely as if Riyue style can hear the voice of Princess whimper. We got off the bus, the wind almost blown away. I was standing when the tears Princess Man City look back to the hometown of the place back, a row of prayer flags fluttering in the wind, as if to tell the old stories of the period of a thousand years ago. Princess Wencheng tears backflow into the river, I do not know whether to Soul hometown. Thousands of years later, she will know that I stand here and think of her and her mood it?
continue the line on the front of the car, a black window. White tent, and came to the the pastoralists home. Small tent, six or seven people. Big tent, a dozen two dozen people.
women's we began to hold the quilt. The woman obviously has not had a bath, even the face is very dirty clothes on, do not hold anything against. I said, leaving a shortfall of a quilt. The woman turned to hold out one, says it is her own use. Hi. She laughed.
lot of traveling companion tired lying on the bed. I insist on eating a bowl of Tibetan cook the noodles.
constantly hear quarrel sound. Tibetan intends to raise the price of the tent.
five o'clock in the morning about being around talking awakened. With a towel dipped in cold water to wipe my face with the Qinghai Lake with the crowd to watch the sunrise. Tent opposite thirty-four meters is the Qinghai Lake. The water day phase, indigo one can not tell which is the day,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it was a lake. I was standing on the side of Lake stalls and listen to the voice that she was afraid to hit the shore, as if it is the dependence whisper. Squat down quietly, drink the water of a lake. Salty, ear the wind blows. The sky gradually have bright colors. Qinghai Lake is like a sleeping girl quietly waiting for us, serene and beautiful. To about six, and the sun is completely jump out. The entire prairie forward on a colorful bright colors.
crowd began to recede. The book says, Qinghai Lake is a holy lake, a wish will be a very spiritual. Hands clasped together, silence.
If the dream can be realized, decades later, I'll also wish.
three steps back, look back. The blue side of the lake, lying quietly in the embrace of the mountain. The distant hill head rises fog unknown wildflowers in full bloom quietly. How tranquility clear! For thousands of years, she quietly lying on the plateau, to bring countless visitors to the beautiful marvel.
something so beautiful, stay for a long time a kind of fear. Or leave.
returned to the Tibetan area, a large area of ​​rape bloom. Go alone. At the foot of the soil is soft, you have not seen the ankle,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych].
on the train. The car drove slowly out of the Qinghai Lake. My eyes, staring at the beauty of the car window, staring ...

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