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but I did not expect this habit

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PostPosted: Tue 11:02, 09 Apr 2013    Post subject: but I did not expect this habit

Qingdao wage earners to buy the lottery ten million lottery prize Station divide the prize
Qingdao wage earners to buy lottery million prize lottery station divide up the bonus
winning the lottery was originally a happy event, especially in the first prize of nearly a thousand million green to work Chen (a pseudonym) but also how to not be happy. A perennial lottery Chen's relationship with the lottery station has been good, and was always the end of the checkout mode payment, but I never thought after winning the lottery station went so far as to divide up the prize money together to buy the grounds of discussion to no avail case Chen recently the lottery station to court.
In recent years, the lottery
the lawsuit awards triggered
not uncommon, lottery this bearer securities law rights of their respective holders, and people buy lottery tickets, based on the addition of a mental game, less focus on program and preservation of evidence, such disputes occur, they tend to trouble.
events of nearly 10 million prize the who should? To green wage favorite lottery
Chen in Sichuan, 2001, he told the villagers came to Qingdao to work, work a few years, did not make any money, Chen began to buy lottery tickets as soon as possible in order to be able to make money, and later hair out of control, every week to buy a few hundred dollars in the lottery.
"buy for a long time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], state of mind will be calm, the lottery this kind of thing is luck, over time, to buy lottery tickets quickly became my second career." Chen told reporters, three years, he has been in the city North District with a lottery Station to buy lottery tickets, a long time, Amy familiar with the lottery station fancier and Master, sometimes busy with work, Chen will make a phone call Master to buy. For convenience, Chen sometimes accounted lottery, waiting for the end of the balance sheet together, but I did not expect this habit, planted the major risks for the future lottery storm.
every day to listen to the experts recommended number
more and more obsessed, Chen began the same with the other color Friends of research lottery trend, and later he began to listen to the radio. 13:30 each day, the broadcast will be experts recommended number, I specialized listen to this program, and then based on the number of experts recommended to choose their own numbers. "Chen told reporters, in order to facilitate listening to this program, he deliberately changed working, looking for a specific hotel workers to work in the evening. "Since listening to the experts recommended number, the frequency of winning than before." Chen said.
hi million prize
December last year, Chen Li, as usual came to the lottery station to buy lottery tickets, he spent 2 dollars for a note, and clear account just last month, so Chen's and not pay. "We are all familiar with, and generally I opened wages, I will go to paying the money owed." Chen said, the next day he was thumbing through the newspaper to see the lottery information, feel very familiar with the numbers, then took out a lottery number check a number, all number, the time he was shocked, choose their own numbers with the winning numbers exactly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], first-class awards of 993 million yuan into the pocket rather Chen excitedly night did not sleep well.
survey lottery industry purchasing rife
Chen and lottery station uncompromising truth of the matter is complicated and confusing. But the cause of the dispute is no doubt that from purchasing from. Reporters learned that the The Loaning purchasing lottery industry practice, but also a promotional tool, so in order to better business.
City Nankai a lottery betting Mr. Wang said, from 2008 he began operating the lottery betting, like him betting centers in the vicinity there are many, the market is very competitive. In order to open up the market, he had to take the initiative to find customers, and Loaning purchasing has become the most usual promotional tools.
reporter visited some of the urban lottery betting, the Loaning purchasing lottery is very common. The general mode of operation is that buyers and sellers oral agreement, betting station first Loaning purchasing Lottery on a regular basis to check out a prize are betting centers on behalf of the Lottery award, betting centers in order to encourage the Lottery lottery, active commitment underwritten The general betting station or will not cheat Lottery. The many experienced Lottery said they approved purchasing.
Station Master: this together to buy lottery
reporter learned that, in considering the purchase of the current lottery numbers lottery station, to choose three numbers, and the lottery station staff recommended a number, then Amy came to buy lottery tickets, asked Chen also recommended number, Chen chose three numbers, lottery station will lottery play, and later distributed to Amy 300 million is allocated according to the proportion of the lottery numbers and the bonus. However, Chen believes that the lottery is his own in the lottery station Pick buy, do not belong together to buy lottery winnings should belong to his people all.
lottery center: only recognize votes do not recognize
lottery center, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national lottery bearer, do not report the loss, the only evidence of the lottery claims. ", awarding the winning lottery ticket" is a unique certificate that lottery Center identified only ticket people do not recognize. " Lottery center are based on the winning ticket to Duijiang the As winning person or persons entrusted to even picked up the lottery,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as long as the winning lottery ticket is correct, and walk away Awards legitimate. Therefore, the lottery center has also repeatedly reminded the lottery, lottery must take good care of the lottery, to avoid losing and defaced. After all, the awarding process, only the lottery is the only certificate. Lawyers say purchasing lottery is a good idea to sign a contract
"Loaning of purchasing lottery thanks to mutual trust, it will certainly bring hidden dangers." Castle Law Firm Xu Lixin Loaning purchasing lottery is actually a contract of buyers and sellers, but most of the time this type of contract are oral, and there is no impartial third party, almost no legal significance. If you do not have the legal effect of the contract, on the one hand, lottery betting can be deceiving Lottery, said, did not buy a prize, then misappropriated bonus; the other hand, the Lottery can also deadbeat, the betting station Loaning purchasing can not recognize.
"Anyway, the lottery's also no name, who can prove that Loaning purchasing So, if the Loaning purchasing lottery, the two sides is best prior contract." Xu Lixin said.
event: married to Hong Tang and dual 1997. Tang and double migrant workers in Wuhu, Anhui Metro buy a sports lottery in the Grand Prize, the actual prize money of 1.915 million yuan. In July of the same year, Tang and double back to Chongqing, he and his wife divorced in Hong conceal the grand prize in the case. A year later, learned that her ex-husband during marriage grand prize to the Rainbow, will be taken to court, asked to split the ex-husband's half of the prize money.
verdict: Court hearing that, in the case of ownership of both husband and wife not to the marriage of obtaining property by special agreement, Tang and double lottery prize shall be awarded matrimonial; Tang and double divorce intentionally concealed the fact of winning, damage to rainbow matrimonial property distribution. Therefore, the rainbow after the divorce, in the case of aware of this fact, it is required to split the request of half of the common property, in line with the provisions of the Marriage Law, the support. The Chongqing Jiangjin Court of first instance verdict, in accordance with the law the past to Hong Fu Tang and hands in the share of lottery winnings over 950,000 yuan.
II: the plaintiff Sun Tao bring a civil action to the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court. Sun Tao claimed that: he purchased 03,082 sports lottery a grand prize in a note number. Sun Tao entrusted the defendant Wang Qin to receive bonus, but the defendant Wang Qin breach of the contract, entrust his father to receive prize money of 400 million yuan.
judgment: trial by Wang Qinshen Please, the court commissioned the receipt submitted by the Southwest University of Political Science and Forensic Center Sun Tao, "Wang Qin" signature commissioned award agreement whether the Department of Wang Qin writing and formation time were identified .
court held that the sports lottery anonymous and do not report the loss, who holds a sports lottery will come to enjoy the property rights and interests according to the lottery. The present case, Mr. Wang Lao receive actual possession of the property rights and interests according to the lottery lottery held v. contention, Mr. Wang Lao v. indisputable right to lottery. (Reporter Xu Dong)
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